Ireland Travel Guide

So (as you can probably tell) this is my very first blog post ever! I have been wanting to write some travel guides, particularly to share our experiences traveling (the good, bad and ugly), and also so I can remember where we want to go back someday!

This blog won’t just be about travel, but also a way to combine my two biggest passions; travel and photography! It will basically just be a more in-depth way for everyone to get to know me and what I love! There will be crappy iPhone pictures, as well as beautiful portraits! Both tell stories! And hopefully I can help out with travel and photography questions! 

 Anyway, I am kicking it off with a quick little travel guide to Ireland! My friend Anna was asking about where we went/what we did, and I figured it was a perfect opportunity to compile all my thoughts about our trip! I’m sure it is easy to tell from the photos, but Ireland was MAGICAL! Like seriously, I knew it would be beautiful, but it really blew me away!

 Seth and I started in Dublin and immediately drove to Galway! About 30 minutes into our drive, we got a flat tire! Not a great start to the trip, but luckily, Seth was able to change it while I bought wine at a gas station! Gotta get the vacation back on track somehow! ha! We arrived in Galway absolutely starving and ate amazing pizza at The Dough Bros! Since it was Thanksgiving in America, we ended the night at The Pie Maker! it was such a cute little hole in the wall shop! Galway was darling! The next morning, we checked out a Christmas market in the heart of town! We even saw the president of Ireland there!

Next, we headed to Ireland’s biggest tourist attractions, the cliffs of Moher! I wanted to see the cliffs to check it off my bucket-list, but it was way more dramatic than I thought! Is it bad that I kept thinking about the Princess Bride?? It was also super cold by the water! Make sure you bundle up!

So it was very hard to decide what to do next, the Ring of Kerry or the Dingle Peninsula? We decided on the Dingle Peninsula, and I do not regret it for a second! We stayed at The Dingle Peninsula Hotel, and it was so cute and quaint! Dingle is the sweetest little fishing town! Check out Bean in Dingle for amazing coffee! The drive around the peninsula was absolutely stunning! Everything was so green and rugged! Plus there were cows and sheep everywhere! What’s not to love?!

Our final night was spent in maybe my favorite hotel ever, Waterford Castle! OMG I never wanted to leave! It is the perfect combination of luxury and history!

I can’t recommend this resort enough! It was decorated for Christmas, which just added to the magic!

The castle is on a private island, and you have to take a ferry! I wish we would have had time to play a round of golf and explore the grounds even more! We will definitely be back!

 Back to Dublin we went, and I was surprised at how under hyped Dublin was. It was way cooler than I was expecting! The shopping was amazing, and we had a lovely lunch at Avoca! The city has an electric energy about it! Very contagious! We were so sad when we had to head to the airport!

   Thanks to anyone who who stuck with me to the end of this super long post! You can tell I am obsessed with Ireland and dying to go back!!